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BIRTHPLACE: Vancouver, Canada


DiDi was born in Vancouver. DiDi is big and clumsy. He is always getting himself into trouble by not watching where he is going and bumping into everything.  Even though DiDi is very clumsy he is on the borderline of genius. His vast knowledge is related to history and his bedroom is full of historical books, papers, maps and artifacts he has collected through out the years from peddlers.





Payton grew up in Germany and was raised by his grandparents. He has been wearing his eye glasses since he could crawl.  With the strength of 5 men, Payton always new he was different from other boys and new he was met for much more then just being a weightlifter. His passion for weightlifting grew with his incredible strength. Each day he would workout, building his muscles up so that when the time came he would be ready to use them for a greater good. Payton also likes to read everything about planets and constellations and would spend all the money that he could afford on it.

Payton has a tree house that is filled with everything he buys over the years about planets and constellations. Payton has collected maps, books, telescopes, pieces of the sky he thought would tell him something about the universe above him.

Scarlet & Spin


BIRTHPLACE: San Fransisco, USA

BEST KNOWN AS: Scarlet (the tennis racket) & Spin (the ball)

The twins, Scarlet & Spin were born in California. Captivated by sports from an early age both Scarlet & Spin enjoy the challenge of learning all they can about many different sports, but there favorite sport by far is Tennis. At an early age Scarlet & Spin started traveling from one side of the Earth to the other learning about sports and meeting new friends. Scarlet, tall & powerful is quick on the draw and is far more mentally advanced for her age. Spin, short and speedy is witty and takes very little seriously, but when work needs to get done he is the first to lend a hand. While traveling the two picked up 5 new friends who now travel with them on a mission to save earth.



BIRTHPLACE: Great Britian


Born in Great Britain, Tate is well educated in mannerisms and social scenes. But for Tate that doesn’t help him out because all he wants to do is play outside and be one with the Earth.  Even though Tate is not that smart he always has had this feeling that he is to be doing something of great importance.  Every time Tate is outside he gets this feeling of uneasiness and knows that it will soon be time for him to play his part. Tate carries his good luck hat and is very superstitious. Tate never walks under a ladder, thinks that if he brakes a mirror he will have bad luck for 7yrs., and he must never under any circumstance lose his hat, it is like a lucky rabbit’s foot to him.

Wilber & Whimsey


BIRTHPLACE:  Scotland, Ireland

BEST KNOWN AS: Wilber (the watch) & Whimsey (the pencil)

As an only child born in Scotland, Wilber spent most of his time traveling around Scotland and surrounding countries. He became more wise each day and began to have a good understanding of the world. Not being able to share his knowledge with anyone, Wilber soon became bored. A short while after, Wilber stumbled into Whimsey who was more then happy to listen and write about his tales of long ago. Whimsey was born on the outskirts of Ireland surrounded by many friends and family.  Whimsey has the gift for the gab and is always talking even when no one is listening. As a child Whimsey would sing about great tales and adventures she only dreamed of having.

Wilber & Whimsey met when Wilber was passing through the town Whimsey lived in. From then on in the 2 have been traveling across Ireland and Scotland, telling every one about their great adventures.



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